Fact-Checking Policy

Simple version:

At HumeshaNews.com, we prioritize accuracy:

  • We’re dedicated to delivering trustworthy news and rigorously check our facts.
  • Commitment to accuracy is our core principle.
  • We ensure all information is thoroughly verified and clear of conjecture.
  • Our team never plagiarizes or misrepresents information.
  • When errors occur, we’re quick to make corrections.
  • You can easily report any inaccuracies you find.

Our approach to corrections:

  • We acknowledge that errors can happen despite our best efforts.
  • We maintain openness about our correction process.
  • We encourage you to report mistakes directly to our chief editor.
  • Please provide specific details about the error and the correct information.
  • We promise to investigate, although rectification isn’t always certain.

Complete version

HumeshaNews.com’s Fact-Checking Policy:

  • HumeshaNews.com is committed to publishing accurate information. We thoroughly check facts and avoid assumptions.
  • Accuracy is essential to our reputation and our readers’ trust.
  • We ensure our content is well-sourced and avoid speculation.
  • Our journalists uphold the highest standards, never plagiarizing or distorting facts.
  • We seek to verify claims through independent sources, especially those from public figures.
  • If inaccuracies are published, we aim to correct them promptly.
  • We welcome our readers to report errors through a dedicated feature on our website.
  • Our editorial process involves rigorous fact-checking and review by senior editors depending on the story’s complexity.

Correction Policy at HumeshaNews.com:

  • While we strive for accuracy, we admit that errors can occur and are transparent about corrections.
  • Readers can report errors directly to the editor-in-chief via email or other means provided.
  • Corrections should include specific details such as the date, the location of the error, and the corrected information with a source if available.
  • While reporting an error ensures it will be reviewed, it does not guarantee a correction will be made.

HumeshaNews.com’s Commitment to Integrity:

  • At HumeshaNews.com, accuracy isn’t just a goal—it’s a promise. Every story we publish goes through a meticulous fact-checking process.
  • We recognize the impact of our work and hold ourselves to the highest standard of truthfulness.
  • Our journalists are trained to verify information at every turn, never compromising on the integrity of the news.
  • We challenge claims and provide context, ensuring that our stories represent the truth.

How HumeshaNews.com Handles Mistakes:

  • We believe in accountability. When we get it wrong, we’re upfront about it and work to set the record straight.
  • To report an error, reach out to our editor-in-chief. We treat every claim of inaccuracy seriously.
  • Our correction process is designed to be as swift as it is thorough, with a commitment to transparency at every step.
  • We invite our readers to become partners in accuracy by notifying us of potential issues, helping us maintain the trust we’ve built with our audience.

Building Trust Through Truth at HumeshaNews.com:

  • Trust is earned, and at HumeshaNews.com, we earn it with every article by being meticulous with the truth.
  • Our fact-checking is not just about avoiding errors, but about preserving the fabric of factual reporting.
  • We actively correct the course of our reporting if new information comes to light, ensuring our narratives remain anchored in reality.

Engaging Our Community for Accuracy:

  • We view our readers as valuable partners in the pursuit of the right information.
  • Corrections from our audience are not just welcomed; they’re an essential part of our editorial process.
  • By engaging with us on factual discrepancies, readers help us uphold our commitment to accuracy and reliability.